EASYDOCIS solution

EASYDOCSIS compute all technical information collected in your network and propose standard components to share analysis with inside and outside workers. Solution is standard and work with all DOCSIS versions and major CMTS providers.

DOCSIS Management
Inspect your network: find outage, validate performance, analyze configuration and check modem connection.

Real-time management
Any modification, outage or configuration changes in your network is monitored. EASYDOCSIS can alert you when several modems disconnect from the same node or when it detects a frequency degradation. You can check in real-time the status and control resolution of the outage.

Deep analyze management
Get direct access to latest analysis tools and perform advanced analysis. Downstream control, live monitoring of all frequencies of the connection or access to internal diagnostic (admin page, service provisionning...) are one click away.

Data mining
All collected data are available and can be included in a bigdata environment in order to build specific reports and KPI. Centralize all samples collected from your network to understand frequency quality geographically and over the time. Control trends of quality indicators, decide where and how to invest and check the improvements accomplished by your inside and outside workers. Exploitation of such data will help you to get return on investment in few weeks.