We are ready for new challenges

For many years we have been working with telecom companies and we have followed their transformation:

  • In 2001 we worked on our first project of network management and we developed the premice of EASYDOCSIS. The solution called "RAMI" was used to monitor CDLP technology over cable network. From this time we continue to improve the solution. The solution was integrated in several countries with different operators and millions of end-users. We start to work with all technologies (DOCSIS, GPON, DSL) and their associated complexity.

  • In 2013, regarding the success of the DOCSIS solution, we finally decided to build a standard version of it and support this solution with OSS-IRIS company. The first opensource version was coded from scrash to allow a standard initial deployment in any DOCSIS environment. It's been 4 years that we support EASYDOCSIS and commercialize services and specific add-ons solutions. We include every emerging and active technologies like GPON/VDSL...

  • In 2016, we have launched EASYDOCSIS in the cloud to allow small companies to access this powerfull solution. But we also use the cloud flexibility and power to address wide MSO.

  • We know that 50% of our expertise is in our solution and 50% is in our employees skills so we capitalize on them. As a solid and efficient team we are ready to meet new challenges.